Pool Resurfacing & Renovation


Plan It Pools does pool ren­o­va­tion, pool make overs, pool remodel,  pool design and pool con­struc­tion services in Brevard and N. Indian River County including Vero Beach, Florida.  We are well qualified to assist you with your Pool Renovation, Remodel or Pool Resurfacing of your old pool!

We offer :

  • New interior finishes in an wide variety of colors and aggregates
  • New Waterline Pool Tile
  • Patio Pavers including Travertine Pavers and  other  Surface options
  • Patio Resurface including Stamped Pattern
  • Pool Equipment – replacement and repair
  • Salt Pool System Conversions
  • Pool Automation
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Spa Additions
  • Pool Waterfalls
  • Pool Stair and step re configurations, for improved accessibility.
  • Installation of  Standard or Custom Fabricated Handrails &  Pool Lifts
  • Pool Beach and Sunshelf additions.

If you can dream it we can build it !

Your pool Before                      Your new Recreated Pool                                       
We can Transform your Old Pool into a New Efficient Pool  with Exciting Features.
We offer 3D Design . You can get a realistic preview of what your pool renovation changes will look like. Notice we can add beaches and sunshelves to any existing pool. We can also add summer kitchens and fire features.

Give your pool a complete makeover or  a just new patio or interior surface.  We turn old swimming pools into modern, beautiful, energy efficient pools!  Call us for a free quote to renovate.  We’ll inspect your old pool and discuss a cost-effective method to renovate your pool within your budget. Renovating a pool is a rewarding solution to add value to your home and enjoyment for your family.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the affordable cost of a pool remodel. Check out our Pool Options and Features page for more information on options available to you. We can transform any old pool into a state of the art creation. If your interested in hiring a reliable pool contractor that is honest and will do the work properly, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment right now.



Solid Reputation

With Thirty years of experience in Pool Construction, the owner of Plan It Pools, Inc. - Scott Thompson implements proven methods of pool construction and renovation.  He certifies that all his staff are properly trained. He also personally inspects each project throughout the renovation process making sure every aspect of the renovation is addressed properly.

If your investing thousands of dollars in a pool renovation for your family, should you expect any less ?  At Plan It Pools we offer years of experience other companies cannot. We also offer dedication to each project to insure the value of your investment last the test of time.

Quality Interior Finish Application

While it is true all the 2″ x 2″ Interior Finish Samples look the same, the reality is the finished applications- do not look the same at all. The amazing differences won’t become evident until the pool is filled with water.

The only way to apply an interior finish and obtain an  even exposure of the aggregate throughout the pool, is to finish the pool with a “Waterwash”.  A “Waterwash” is a process of  washing brushing the new finish immediately  ( the same day ) after it has been applied.  If this step of the pool finishing application is skipped, the pool finish will be extremely streaky and uneven,  especially on the floor of the pool.

The “Waterwash” is a simple process that  is quite often skipped by many local Pool Finishers due to the additional labor and the minimal additional cost involved with the process.

If you receive a quote from a contractor who is willing to skip this step, what other steps are they skipping ?  Don’t get hosed – Get Waterwashed !!



Some Pool Contractors will have the Plaster Cement Bags delivered to be put in your yard (on your grass) where they will mix and make a mess.    Alternatively, Plan It Pools Plastering crew will come prepared for the Interior Application with the plaster material on the truck. In addition, we have a large crew in order to quickly get the new plaster into the pool and smoothed out as it quickly hardens.


Waterwashing  involves lightly scrubbing your new finish – while it’s still soft, in order to evenly expose the aggregate partials.  If your pool isn’t water washed the plaster would be very streaky! This is immediately followed by a light  acid wash. The  Pool is filled the same day. The same day fill is a huge advantage, as it slows the curing process which results in a stronger more durable plaster finish.


(321) 255-2426 — Scott Thomp­son, Plan It Pools, Inc.


Florida State Licensed Con­trac­tor — Cer­ti­fied Pool/Spa Con­trac­tor — License # CPC1457161

Florida Dept. of Busi­ness & Pro­fes­sional Reg­u­la­tion reports no com­plaints ever filed against Plan-It Pools.  If  com­pli­ments were allowed, there’d be a file full.

As a Florida Cer­ti­fied Pool & Spa License holder, this con­trac­tor can build or repair any swim­ming pool or spa, both pub­lic and pri­vate.  This contractor’s scope of work includes the instal­la­tion and repair of pool equip­ment, work on inte­rior pool fin­ishes, the instal­la­tion of pack­age pool heaters, the instal­la­tion of perime­ter and fil­ter pip­ing, and the con­struc­tion of equip­ment rooms or hous­ing for pool/spa equip­ment.