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Please use our Instant Pool Cost Calculator below. Swimming pool prices can vary depending on the pool size, pool depth, pool features & options and geographic conditions where the install is taking place such as grade or slope of ground, soil conditions, access to the yard, etc.   Fill out the free form below and within milliseconds your pool cost will be automatically calculated and emailed to you in an easy to understand pool price quote. Figuring out how much a new pool will cost has never been simpler with our Instant Pool Cost Calculator.

If you don’t receive the quote immediately, please check your email spam folder, or contact us and we’ll get you a copy right away!

Personal Details
Full Name :
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Zip Code :
Construction Details
Access :
In order to construct a swimming pool, we would need access to the backyard in order to dig the hole for the pool and remove the excess soil A standard access needed would be 13’ wide with no significant slope or curves. Using additional ground moving equipment we can get by with less. Please indicate the width of the “access area” that you believe can be used.
Obstructions :
Are there any stumps that need to be removed? Plan It Pools, Inc. does not remove trees but we can take care of the stumps.
Slope :
Does your backyard have a significant slope from the rear patio to the back of where the pool will be?
Pool & Spa Details
Pool Package :
Please select which pool shape you prefer.
Pool Depth :
The standard water depths are three to six feet deep. However you can select additional depth or a sport pool design.
Spa Type :
Would you like a heated spa. Select either a Gas Heater or Electric Heat Pump.
Raised Spa :
I would Like my Spa to be raised so it spills into the pool for a waterfall fall effect.
Water Features :
Select from either a Rock water fall or a “ Sheer “ type waterfall with raised tile step up / raised elevation.
Salt System :
Salt Systems make chlorine from Salt added to the pool water. The water is less salty than a teardrop. They simplify pool care immensely.
In-floor Cleaning System :
Plan It Pools, Inc. is a authorized Dealer for the Paramount “ PV 3” system. They work great washing your pool down moving dirt and debris to the Main Drain and Skimmer. In addition to cleaning your pool, they also improve heating and reduce your pumps required run time.
Interior Pebble Finish :
Plan It Pools come standard with the Quartz Aggregate Pool Finish. You can have a true pebble finish consisting of tiny river rock if desired.
LED Lights Additional :
Patio Details
Additional Patio Area (sq ft) :
Your Plan It Pool comes standard 600 square feet of patio as shown. You can select additional patio space if desired.
Surface Type :
Brick Pavers are standard with Plan It Pools, Inc. Pavers are perfect for pool patios they have a rustic appearance that always looks well kept.
Covered Patio (sq ft) :
If you have a covered patio, it can easily be made to look the same as your new patio.
Screen Enclosure :
We offer screen enclosures with our pool packages that are built to the latest codes by the best licensed professionals in the industry.